Extending Healthy Lifespan

Developing therapies to treat diseases of aging and increase human longevity.

Our Mission

Juvenescence is a biopharmaceutical company that has raised USD $165 million since 2017 to build a pipeline of therapeutic assets to target aging, regeneration and the diseases of aging.

The problem

As people age, complex changes occur at the genomic, cellular and tissue level, from the accumulation of DNA damage to mitochondrial dysfunction and altered intercellular communication.

These changes, among others, cause the diseases of aging that affect the elderly, and the chronic illnesses that are the biggest burden on the healthcare system.

Aging is the largest health problem facing the world today; two-thirds of all deaths worldwide are as a result of the aging process, with many years of degeneration reducing quality of life before death.

The Problems with aging
Our work

Our work is based on novel scientific understanding of the underlying biological causes of aging, to create evidence-based therapeutics that can treat diseases of aging.

Juvenescence creates and partners with new companies with longevity-related therapeutics, by in-licensing compounds from academia and industry, or forming joint ventures with the foremost longevity scientists and leading research institutions.


The goal

Juvenescence aims to create a paradigm shift in addressing and treating disease.

Our goal is to extend both lifespan and healthspan, by developing therapeutics that slow aging and promote juvenescence (”the state or period of being young”).

Ultimately, Juvenescence aims to get therapeutics to patients, and eradicate life-shattering diseases that cause people to suffer until death.

Our Goals


At Juvenescence, we work with leading research institutions and the world’s foremost longevity scientists to create joint ventures developing evidence-based therapeutics.

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About us

Juvenescence leverages its world-class team to translate rigorous science into disease-modifying therapeutics.


Our growing pipeline of therapeutic assets targets fundamental aging, regeneration, and the diseases of aging. Click below to the full pipeline to learn more about each company.


Longevity Technology: An Interview with Dr. Greg Bailey, CEO of Juvenescence
Longevity Technology: An Interview with Dr. Greg Bailey, CEO of Juvenescence

Dr. Greg Bailey, CEO of Juvenescence gives an interview to Longevity Technology to discuss his thoughts on the longevity field and future plans for Juvenescence. In the interview, Greg discusses the origins of Juvenescence as well as his belief that the nascent longevity industry is reaching an inflection point.

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Longevity Technology: An interview with Michael Hufford, CEO of Lygenesis
Longevity Technology: An interview with Michael Hufford, CEO of Lygenesis

Michael Hufford, CEO of Lygenesis, gives an interview to Longevity Technology about the revolutionary Lygenesis technology and their plans for clinical development. Lygenesis’ technology will enable the use of patients lymph nodes as bioreactors to regrow functioning ectopic organs to support or replace failing organs, including the liver, pancreas, kidney…

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