Longevity Technology: An interview with Michael Hufford, CEO of Lygenesis

September 25, 2019

Michael Hufford, CEO of Lygenesis, gives an interview to Longevity Technology about the revolutionary Lygenesis technology and their plans for clinical development.

Lygenesis’ technology will enable the use of patients lymph nodes as bioreactors to regrow functioning ectopic organs to support or replace failing organs, including the liver, pancreas, kidney and thymus. Their initial target indication is end-stage liver disease (ESLD), utilising a hepatocyte cell therapy product implanted into the periduodenal lymph nodes. These hepatocytes engraft, vascularize, and perform all of the functions typical to liver tissue, enabling them to rescue patients from ESLD.

Lygenesis’ technology allows a single donated liver to act as the seed for dozens of transplants using outpatient endoscopy. Likely to be classified as a cell therapy, it represents a near-term example of regenerative medicine.

There are no approved treatments for ESLD. Lygenesis’ technology could revolutionize the transplant market, allowing patients to avoid the requirement for liver transplant along with extending the lifespan of those unsuited to a liver transplant.

Link to the Longevity International interview found here.