Strategic Focus

Aging as a Disease

Treating aging is the ultimate in preventive care. Aging drives the chronic illnesses that are the biggest burden on the healthcare system. A set of successful therapies for aging will target common pathways across age-related illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, and dementia among others. Our approach is differentiated from every other drug development effort in this area in terms of its breadth of potential applicability.

The scientific community has broken down the aging process into a set of discrete dysfunctional processes; some as primary drivers of aging and others as compensatory responses. These processes are amenable to intervention;  some interventions are available right now, while others will be developed over the coming decades.

Work Wheel Chart
“Hallmarks of Ageing” from Lopez-Otin et al. (2016)

Juvenescence‚Äôs core thesis is that treating aging will require multiple, well-differentiated approaches that are tailored to key pathologies and the tissue-specific signatures of aging and senescence. We believe that people may need different therapeutics or combinations of therapeutics at different points in their lives.  To that end, Juvenescence is constructing a diversified pipeline of companies targeting different features of aging, frailty, and senescence.

Our aim is to create a pipeline of approaches to be in every major area of aging research and to be the preferred development partner for innovators in the field.

Our therapeutic strategy includes products targeted at:

  • Slowing cellular aging
  • Slowing and reversing neurodegeneration
  • Destroying senescent cells
  • Replacing aging organs
  • Editing patient genes

Why Now?

The fundamental biological processes that lead to aging are being increasingly understood, and this has fueled a growing number of investments in the longevity space.

There has been a convergence of scientific knowledge with novel technologies. Therapeutics, genetic engineering, cellular enhancements and organ replacements will add decades to the human healthy lifespan, taking most people much closer to the maximal life length that only a few supercentenarians currently enjoy.

Time Line Aging Science
Timeline of the major breakthroughs in aging research