Working with Juvenescence

The Juvenescence Approach

Juvenescence develops therapies that will enable people worldwide to live longer, healthier lives. We actively look for scientific founders probing exciting areas of aging biology, and work with leading research institutions to create joint ventures combining their IP and our resources. 

We are very active partners in the companies we create. In addition to providing financial support, we use our extensive drug development expertise to give ground-breaking science the best opportunity of achieving value-driving inflection points for targeted programs, always with the goal of serving unmet patient need. Our pipeline of companies allows for flexible financing of individual opportunities, easy pipeline management, and the ability to exit via licensing, sale of underlying assets and royalties.

Juvenescence has raised USD $168 million to-date to create joint ventures and build an ecosystem of seasoned drug developers to support scientists, universities, and institutions specializing in aging, senescence, and the diseases of aging.

The Juvenescence Experienced Team

The Juvenescence team comprises proven and seasoned pharmaceutical industry experts covering drug research and development, strategy, structure, commercialization and finance. The team members, located across the US and the UK, design the R&D strategy and go/no-go experiments, to mitigate the risk in each of our programs.

Over the past two decades, key Juvenescence management have been part of teams that have delivered over USD $25 billion in total shareholder value. Institutions that we have partnered with have received over USD $2 billion in royalty payments. Over the past two decades, our founder scientist partners in previous ventures have individually garnered over USD $2 billion.

Members of the Juvenescence management team have also been instrumental in taking multiple products through to commercialization in their previous companies, with annual peak sales aggregating to well over USD $70 billion.

The Juvenescence Ecosystem – Informed by AI

A key element within the Juvenescence ecosystem is our use of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to discover and develop new drugs, working in conjunction with our partners, Insilico Medicine and Netramark.  

We have also partnered with leading research institutions across the globe, like the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, globally recognized as a pioneer and the leading institute in the study of aging. Napa Therapeutics and BHB Therapeutics, both Buck spinouts, were capitalized by Juvenescence.

This ecosystem will allow our pipeline companies to cross-pollinate and collaborate, adding further value to each of the individual opportunities.